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John Morrison talks about WWE, Eric Bischoff, MNM, TNA, Global Force Wrestling, & more

by Alternative Nation's Sports section has up a new interview with John Morrison, now billed as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground. CLICK HERE to read the full interview. In the interview, John discusses Dolph Ziggler's struggle to become a main eventer, if Lucha Underground can compete with WWE, TNA, Global Force Wrestling, Eric Bischoff, Joey Mercury, Melina, NXT, Tough Enough, and more.

On Eric Bischoff: The Bisch! “… back then it was about booze and blow, now it’s about starting my TV days with a good bowl of oatmeal to keep my energy level up.” ~some RAW taping in 2004 the Bisch to Johnny Nitro & Jonathan Coachman. Eric was great to work with. Gave me some awesome insight into the business of Wrestling. At the time I was thinking in terms of what I wanted to accomplish in the business, Eric talked in business terms, what do people want to see, what will people pay for? Pro Wrestling is a business, what can you do that people will pay to see you do? I really didn’t appreciate the opportunity I had as ‘The Apprentice’ Johnny Nitro. All I wanted to do at the time was wrestle.

On Joey Mercury's new on screen 'corporate' role: Love it. Every time I see Joey on TV I get so happy! That dude has lived wrestling his entire life & is a genius in wrestling psychology. Working with him in MNM was like teaming with a non annoying agent- haha. I couldn’t be happier to see him back with WWE in a fun on air role & as an agent behind the scenes as well. Of course if our paths ever crossed on-air, I’d have to let ‘Corporate Joe’ know what a sell out he became and how badly Joey Matthews would’ve kicked the crap out of Corporate Joe.

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On TNA and Global Force Wrestling: I’m booked to wrestle Jeff Jarrett on December 6th, might talk a little talk about Global Force. TNA & I have had talks, I live in LA, Florida is far. Wrestling is a business, the more promotions the better, more opportunities for wrestlers to work. Both of those companies could be fun to work with. Right now I’m signed with Lucha Underground and I’m happy with where I’m at. Backstage is great, no drama, great shows, great people involved, and in my hometown of Los Angeles.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.