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Jonathan Gresham discusses Terminus, how it came about, and his hopes for the show

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Jonathan Gresham sat down with Chris Jericho for this week's "Talk Is Jericho" to discuss the upcoming Terminus show, how it came about, and his hopes for it.

Jonathan Gresham talking about how the idea of running his own show, Terminus, came about:

“Baron (Black) and I came up in Atlanta. We were trained by Mr. Hughes. We were doing indie shows together and a lot of times we would go to these shows and things would happen, angles would happen that we didn’t really agree with. We would always chat about how we would do them differently. We joked about it, and over time, we kept talking about it, and now we are in better places in our lives and careers and we decided now was the best time to do it. We decided to create Terminus.”

Gresham was asked what his hopes are for Terminus:

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“My dreams and hopes for it are essentially promoting the idea of doing what you love about pro wrestling."

"When I go around the different indies and different countries, I see heavier set guys chasing after this high impact, highspot style where they’re diving. I feel like I’m supposed to be doing that, but I don’t want to do that because I know I only have so many bumps on my card. You hear that, but it’s actually real. I want to protect my body, because in my mind, I want to wrestle for as long as I possibly can."

"I feel like these guys are doing that because they understand that if they do these moves, the crowd reacts immediately, the promoter hears it in the back or he’s watching it, and feel this guy must be over. If you’re over that means you’re brought back. If you’re over, that means you get in bigger angles. If you’re over, you get paid more money. I think everybody wants that instant gratification."

"Very few guys are wanting to produce wrestling and do wrestling the way they want. I think Danhausen is doing wrestling the way he wants. Now he’s enjoying wrestling. I think if there are more guys that would do that, the indies would be hotter than ever because you won’t have a carbon copy of the same guys. To me, there are so many guys, and I’m not talking ill of anyone, but I feel there are so many guys trying to be Kenny Omega, trying to be The Young Bucks, and I understand those guys are amazing, but it couldn’t happen at Ring of Honor where guys come in literally trying to be Jay Lethal. We’re like, we already have Jay Lethal. You can’t be doing Jay Lethal’s stuff, so you’re not impressing anyone by doing it.”

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