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Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Karen Jarrett. The former Impact Wrestling personality talked about how she got started in wrestling, working as a heel, how Vince Russo convinced her and Jeff Jarrett to use their real-life situation with Kurt Angle in a storyline, wrestling Chyna, Ric Flair's Last Match and several other topics.

Jarrett was asked if she would like to be on WWE TV:

“I don’t know. For about four years, I had zero desire to do anything wrestling related. I was very happy being a wife, being a mom, and being out of the drama. This whole thing (Ric Flair’s last match), because of the storyline, and it wasn’t just a match. I got sucked so far back in. I hope something comes of it and I want something to come of it, no matter where it is.”

On the personal drama she was dealing with at TNA:

“I think because they thought they knew what was going on, but they didn’t. Nobody knew that I had left my previous husband and we had separated twice before. We always kept that under wraps. I don’t think that it’s right to put anybody’s dirty laundry out there if you have kids. Even today, 20 years from now or 40 years from now, I wouldn’t try to defend myself or throw the other side. I don’t think that is right to do. I would get upset, but the truth will come out eventually.”

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On what Jeff Jarrett thoughts of the storyline involving them and Kurt Angle:

“I don’t know what everyone’s initial reaction was. Even now today if something is pitched, I’m just like whatever Jeff wants us to do. I don’t really know what his first reaction was. I’m sure it was shock and uncomfortable, the way that I was. But at the same time we did the storyline, our kids are backstage. Everyone is happy. Everything was good. Our kids knew that this is not real. This is not what our life is really like. But I’m glad that all of that is over.”

Click below to listen to the entire interview.

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