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Updated statement from Kenny Omega after sex offender was booked at CEO x NJPW show on Friday

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling

UPDATE: Omega has issued another statement. Obviously, he would not have booked Rance if he had known about his past. Here is Omega's latest statement:

ORIGINAL: Kenny Omega is getting some backlash on social media from fans that are upset after learning about Chasyn Rance being booked on Friday for Omega's CEO x NJPW: When Worlds Collide show in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Rance worked on a dark match against Aaron Epic. Omega is loved by hardcore wrestling fans but his response on Twitter did not do him any favors.

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He wrote the following in response to a fan expressing disappointment at the decision to book Rance:

Omega followed up with a longer statement:

"Here it is: I produced all matches from dark match #2 on.I gave the ring crew (also a wrestling school) carte Blanche to have our first dark. No entrances,no name graphics. And thus they had a match. I met Chasyn once in 2004 so his name was familiar. The other guy I’d never met. Regardless of their history or whatever, this crew of people were all very helpful in set up, tear down, and various odd jobs around the arena. I’d felt giving them the opportunity to have a dark match was the least I could do as a way to show appreciation. I’m gutted that people feel betrayed by their involvement, but at no point did I feel I was working with criminals or anything of the sort. As I’d said earlier, they were nothing but polite and helpful throughout the entire experience. I’ll know better for next time to only use those I’m absolutely familiar/comfortable with."

It is worth noting that Rance is listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry for lewd, lascivious battery sex with a victim 12-15 years old. Rance was charged after a California girl told police that Rance had at least two sexual encounters with him in 2008. She was 15 at the time and he was 25.