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Kurt Angle praises Cody Rhodes, comments on their upcoming match at WrestleFest XXI

Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Justin Barrasso to promote their upcoming steel cage match at Friday’s WrestleFest XXI event in Waterbury, CT. Angle and Rhodes have wrestled each other twice already with each wrestler holding a win over the other. Angle stated that you usually do not get this kind of attention for an independent match but stated that they had received a lot of attention for setting up their own program because of Rhodes’ resilience. He noted that Rhodes didn’t let it rest and kept coming up with ideas and concepts. He noted that Rhodes is highly-driven and that he exceed where he was in WWE. He praised him for being able to promote himself outside of WWE and thought that it is incredible. He added that Rhodes makes everything mean something.

Rhodes defeated Angle in their first match back in August at NEW’s Wrestling Under the Stars in Wappinger, NY, but Angle won their second match at the WhatCulture Pro Wrestling in October in Manchester, England.

Rhodes stated that when you work with younger stars, it feels like you are dancing but when get into a match with Angle it’s different. He noted that Angle is just as good as he ever was and sometimes better. He noted that Angle is a wrestlers wrestler and he makes everything look like the match could be over right then and there. He stated that Angle’s style is the kind of wrestling that he learned from his father when he was training to become a pro wrestler. “He’s an Olympic gold medalist. A lot of people always wonder the degree of reality involved in pro wrestling. There is a pretty high degree of reality with Kurt Angle, and you’ve got to keep up.”

Angle stated that Rhodes can do it all and that he always had their eye on him. He can’t believe what Rhodes can do at his size. “I always wanted to work with him, and I wanted to have at least one match with him. He was one of the top five guys in WWE that I had my eyes on to work with, and we were able to set this up as a best-of-three, and I’m very fortunate to be able to work with him.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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