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Listen to shows for free (LINK)

Bryan Alvarez has put up a 24/7 stream of the past 2 weeks of the all of the main shows at If you’re not a subscriber at the site then this is your chance to get a bunch of shows for free to see what they have to offer. You can listen to the past 2 weeks of Bryan & Vinny, Observer Radio and Figure Four Daily shows. You can listen to the stream at this link. The stream will only be up for free for a limited time and is in beta testing.

Here’s a  note from

VERY IMPORTANT — PLEASE READ: This is a beta test of an audio stream and live program, so IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT AT POINTS TODAY IT WILL CRASH. In fact, we are kind of hoping it will crash so that we can work the bugs out.

If the stream crashes and prevents all of this from happening, FEAR NOT. We will try again later this week, and will continue to do so until everyone can enjoy a full day of free audio goodness.

AGAIN — THIS IS A BETA TEST. A crash is very likely. If you experience any issues, please email Tony at

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