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Lots of concern in TNA about the company’s future; talent rooting for Jeff Jarrett

There are alot of people in TNA outwardly rooting for Jeff Jarrett and not just because they believe it creates new jobs for everyone. People in TNA are looking at Jarrett’s new promotion as a safety net.

TNA’s current contract expires this fall and with every week that goes by without an announcement of a new TV deal the concern grows. The morale was high last month because the UK shows got a great crowd response and the shows came off as major league. That all changed when the company did not draw well at Lockdown in Miami.

Right now there is very little faith in creative, Dixie Carter, and John Gaburick right now. There is also belief that Vince Russo is involved and it’s being kept a secret. There’s also been alot of talk about the handling of The Wolves.

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