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Lots of grumbling about pay again in WWE this week

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Lots of grumbling about pay again in WWE this week

There was more grumbling this week about pay-per-view bonuses at the tapings this week. There were some people bothered by the fact that some of the talent was asked to do clips and promos for the WWE Network and there is still no word on what they paydays will look like for pay-per-views. Even if they were to get 1 million buys for the network this year that is just a break even number because of the costs associated to start the network. It’s been reported that it cost WWE $40 million to get this network off the ground.

Also, let’s not forget that since they are putting old DVDs and almost every pay-per-view on the network that also affects DVD/Blu Ray sales and wrestlers also get a cut from that as well. Ex-WWE stars that appear on old footage also get a cut from royalties so that will affect them as well.

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