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Lucha Underground news: reaction to Daivari, ratings update, top names on the way?

There were mixed reactions to Shawn Daivari's debut with Lucha Underground. His match was not too good because he doesn't have experience doing the Lucha style. Also, there are people there that want the show to have more of the Lucha style and others that want it to be more American with a WWE type of style. There are also people in the company that want more ex-WWE names on the show so Daiviari fits the bill.

There's no word on ratings for recent shows but the word from people in the company is that ratings have increased greatly and part of that is because El Rey Network got clearance on Dish Network this month.

Lucha Underground tapings start back up again on March 21st. They are hoping to one or two major names as babyfaces and to use Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) as a top heel. It seemed like they were hinting towards a heel turn with Mundo in his segment with Dario Cueto on the recent show.

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