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Lucha Underground: WWE star debuts, former WWE Divas backstage, Jim Ross' negotiations

Shawn Daivari debuted at the recent Lucha Underground tapings. He is feuding with El Texano Jr.

Alberto El Patron missed the recent tapings because he was on vacation.

The Jim Ross talks were considered to be a dead issue a few weeks ago but it looks like things have been smoothed over and his agent Barry Bloom is negotiating on his behalf so there is at least a chance that a deal coule be made since talks are alive again.

Lucha Underground execs were said to be happy since they are saying that the show ratings are way up now since El Rey is now available on Dish Network.

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Torrie Wilson and Lisa Marie Varon were backstage at the Lucha Underground tapings for 2/7. There has been talk of bringing in Varon and she has publicly shown interest in going there. She relocated from Chicago to California so it's an easy drive for her too. The other thing is that she can wrestle so she'd be a great fit.

Wilson retired from wrestling years ago because of injuries and it was reported last week that she dumped Alex Rodriguez. The feeling right now within Lucha Underground is that they need more ex-WWE stars on the show so they can have familiar names to help build their viewership since there are fans out there that will watch if they have familiar names. They have been talking about touring in Hispanic markets. There are others against ex-WWE talent working there unless they can work the Lucha style.