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Magnus on his status with GFW and possibly going to Lucha Underground

Global Force Wrestling Champion Nick “Magnus” Aldis spoke with Sports Illustrated. Here are the highlights.

Are you signed to a contract with Global Force Wrestling or are you a free agent? And why did you leave TNA?

GFW is a start-up, so I’m not under contract there. They’re not in any position to be signing anyone to a contract. I want to dispel this idea that I left TNA in order to join GFW. I certainly don’t want that to be the idea at TNA. I hate the idea that there’s a notion floating around that there are sour grapes. I have nothing but gratitude for TNA, and I’m not backtracking from anything I’ve said, but I want to make that clear.

The situation with TNA is this–business wise, at the time, TNA was not in a favorable period. They said to me, “Look, your contract is coming up. The offer we would be able to make you is an embarrassment and a slap in the face to your work and your value to the company.” So I said, “OK, then don’t make the offer. I’ll venture out and see what happens.” I’d been under contract there for six years, and the majority of my adult life after signing with them at 21, and there was never any “Screw you, I’m out of here.” They were very honest, it was emotional, and there was no desire for it to end on either end.

What is next for you? Will you go to a promotion with your wife?

Lucha Underground really interests me. The biggest problem with the business right now for the boys is that the remaining market share that doesn’t belong to WWE is divided up by so many companies. TNA used to have that market share, but now it’s divided up by so many entities. Financially, it’s not a great time to be a wrestler because it’s the same portion of market share divided up by more entity, but Lucha Underground is so different that it could bring in new fans.

I’m very much a free agent. I just started working with [agent] Bill Behrens, who has done great work with AJ Styles and Moose. I’m absolutely at a point where I’m refreshed and my passion is back, and it’s time for me to explore more and reinvent myself. I’m going to be better than ever wherever I go.

You can read the entire interview here.


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