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Marty Scurll says winning BOLA tournament was one of biggest accomplishments of his career, comments on WWE UK tournament

ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling

Marty Scurll recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio to discuss various topics. During the interview, he was asked about the WWE UK tournament to crown the first UK Champion. He stated that it was certainly an obvious choice for the WWE to do such a thing as the UK wrestling scene has been on fire for many years thanks to himself, Zack Sabre Jr., and Will Osprey. He also pointed out that it makes financial sense for WWE to do so especially because of the WWE Network. He stated that fans have been asking if he was going to be in the tournament but he's under contract with ROH so he would not be in the tournament. He said that the fans could check him out on ROH TV and wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world. He thinks that in 2017, so many things are going to change in pro wrestling and that it would be an exciting year. “It’s going to be a hard year on the promoters, but regarding the tournament, it’s a great opportunity for the UK guys that for years had no way to get spotted or a light shined on them.” He pointed out that then years ago it was hard to get bookings for a local show, but now it’s different.

When asked about winning the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament, he stated that it was one of those things where it was the best and worst weekends ever. He explained that he feels that this generation of wrestlers on the indy scene is underrated and people will not credit their work. He pointed out his schedule and working all over the world. Getting back to PWG, he noted that every time someone works for PWG they can have a five-star match, which is the point of the promotion. He stated that he is used to the cold in the UK but that it’s hot in LA, which is where PWG shows are held at, and that he was told on the final day of the three-day tournament that he was going to wrestle three matches that day and they all have to be five star matches. He stated that to wrestle three in one day is pretty horrendous. However, because he was on such a buzz and a high that helped him get through the tournament, which is very important to him. “For me, it’s certainly one of the biggest accomplishments in my career for the many reasons given and who knows? Maybe I can wrestle in Battle for Los Angeles 2017 and battle that Los Angeles heat again.”

You can listen to the interview here.

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