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Matt Cardona: "I don't want Dave Meltzer to write reviews about me, like five star matches. I want to be the most hated person in wrestling."

Twitter - @TheMattCardona

Twitter - @TheMattCardona

On this week's "Wrestling With Freddie," Matt Cardona stopped by to talk about how he got involved in GCW and what it is like to embrace being a heel.

Cardona was asked how he got involved in GCW:

"I didn't really know what GCW was. I knew it was some sort of deathmatch style wrestling or that's the perception out there," he said.

"When you actually watch it, you realize, yes, there is deathmatch wrestling. There was also great technical wrestling and a lot of high flying wrestling. I compare it to ECW back in the day. A lot of people think ECW was blood and guts and yes, they had that, but they had the storytelling. They had incredible ring action bell to bell.”

“So people were tweeting me about this guy, Nick Gage. I heard about him. There was a Dark Side of the Ring. I couldn't even get through the episode. It was so disgusting."

"I'm like, I don't want anything to do with this guy. But the tweets kept happening and happening and happening, and I said, 'Well, you know, sometimes in wrestling, you gotta give the people what they want.' I knew this would create some buzz. I could have never imagined the buzz it did create. It has changed my career. It has changed my life.”

“So I knew, 'Okay, I will do this deathmatch. I'll wrestle this Nick Gage guy', and listen, I knew there was going to be some blood. I wore all white and I was like, yeah, it'd be cool if I had a white shirt on with some trickles of blood. I was pouring blood. It was red. There was like, ooze, blood ooze coming from my shoulder, and the referee was like, 'Do you want to continue?' When this referee is asking me if I want to continue and he's seen it all, that got me scared," Cardona continued. "I was covered in so much blood, I didn't know where the blood was coming from. There were light tubes, glass, and pizza cutters”

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“But you talk about the fans? Oh my God. They hate me there. They hate everything I represent, and I love it.”

“For so long, I was the white meat babyface in WWE, and the thing is, I'm continuing to be that because in my mind, I am a white meat babyface. How do you not like me? I'm a die hard fan living the dream. How could you boo me?"

"Then when I beat Nick Gage and won the title, bro, it was insane. People were throwing bottles. They were throwing cans. They were throwing pizza cutters at me. I couldn't even celebrate. I couldn't even have my moment because they're throwing stuff at me.”

Cardona talking about embracing being a heel:

"What I'm playing into is I'm a diehard fan just like all these people watching. I'm such a diehard fan that I wanted to be a wrestler. I still collect the figures. So I am just as much of a mark as these guys, except I'm successful."

"I have a hot wife. I look like a million bucks, and that's why they hate me and I love the hatred. Listen, I know it's 2022. I understand the business has changed, but I want to be the bad guy."

"I don't want them to hate me but then secretly like me. I want them to really hate me. I don't want them to make GIFs or whatever it's called of my cool moves. I don't want Dave Meltzer to write reviews about me, like five star matches. I want to be the most hated person in wrestling."

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