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Miranda Gordy on the future of SWE Fury after reports that owner Lacey Von Erich wants to 'move on' and sell the promotion

SWE Fury/ Twin Lakes Sports Network

SWE Fury/ Twin Lakes Sports Network

Miranda Gordy, the daughter of the late Terry Gordy, wrestled for SWE Fury in Texas but the future of the promotion seems murky. She was interviewed on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast about the rumors going around about the promotion shutting down.

Dave Meltzer reported the following in last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

"The SWE in Texas, owned by Lacey Von Erich, continues to fall apart. Rodney Mack and wife Jazz announced they were no longer with the promotion. A show scheduled for this weekend in Hamilton, TX was canceled. Von Erich has reportedly sent messages to some fans asking if they want to buy the company saying that have wrestlers under exclusive contracts and a toy deal. Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling picked up some of their area television outlets. Their lawyer also dropped them as a client representing them in a legal dispute with Devon Nicholson over money and footage owed to him from when they were working with him."

Devon Nicholson recently uploaded a video on Hannibal TV that claims that Lacey offered to sell the company because she wants to "do something else." Nicholson also claimed that Lacey has been dishonest during her business dealings

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During her interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Gordy said that she's heard that there are plans to run shows again.

Gordy said, “I am uncertain of the future of SWE. As far as I know, they are still running. They have a show in November in San Antonio. I know recently that Lacey Von Erich has bought a part of the company. She’s wanting to change some stuff up and maybe change the direction that the company is going in. I think that’s why they canceled some things. When something comes up, new management, or when you’re reconstructing something, you have to take some time off, get your bearings together, and reconfigure some stuff. I think that’s what they’re doing now. They’re taking a break for the next two months and getting it back together to go the direction they want ahead. They’ll probably reboot in November in San Antonio. As far as the TV and stuff, I’m not sure. I can defend my title in November, or I can be the SWE Women’s TV Champion forever. We’ll see when we get to November.”

The last tweet from the the SWE Fury account was on September 4th. The tweet promised "important announcements" coming later in the week. There has been no follow up on Twitter from the official @SWEFuryTV Twitter account.

Gordy also talked about her tryout with WWE this past February and what company she would like to work for:

“There’s not a specific one. If I had a chance to work for AEW, I would love to work for them. The same with WWE. I had a tryout back in February with WWE and that went well. I enjoyed the tryout. I was very nervous, but I had a lot of fun being there. That would be a fun place to be, especially with Michael (Hayes) being part of the company. It would be like working with family. Impact, NWA of course, ROH, all those places would be really fun to work at. I know people at all the places. Who doesn’t love working with our friends, but really, anywhere. Just being able to travel, go back to Japan, anywhere in Japan would be cool.”

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