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More on Chael Sonnen doing Piper’s Pit segments while in Global Force Wrestling

As noted, former UFC fighter and now GFW commentator Chael Sonnen revealed in an interview with Louder Noise that “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was planning to pass the “Piper’s Pit” torch to “The American Gangster” at an upcoming Global Force Wrestling (GFW) TV taping, but those plans were changed after Piper passed away.

“He [Jarrett] just got a commitment from Piper that Piper and I would work his next show in Las Vegas and do a reenactment of ‘Piper’s Pit,',” said Sonnen.

“After we did one, Piper would pass the torch to me and then I would take over the ‘Piper’s Pit.’ Under what name, I’m not totally sure. Real close connection right there, particularly time-wise.”

Following Sonnen’s statement, “Piper’s Pit” producer Raymond Hernandez issued the following statement to MMAMania:

“Roddy would have never handed off Piper’s Pit. And if he were to do so, it wouldn’t be to an MMA fighter, it would have been to a pro-wrestler.”

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Sonnen then responded to Hernandez’s claim on the latest edition of “You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen”:

“I used the term, ‘Piper’s Pit’, because that was the greatest interview segment that wrestling [has] had,” Sonnen said, “all I meant was, I was going to do interviews in Global Force Wrestling.”