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Names confirmed to be signed to AAA’s Lucha Libre show in the El Rey Network

A WWE employee who spoke to local talent (when WWE did their West Coast shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Ontario) confirmed on the Wrestling Observer board that B-Boy, Ricky Reyes, and Hernandez have been signed to deals. Homicide is likely to go there but that is pending a surgery that he may be having. The company wants for reform LAX.

Also, if people like Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae sign then they would not be able to work PWG. They are working on getting that changed though but it’s not a sure bet that they will sign with AAA. The AAA contracts have a no compete of six months without pay which is insane.

Wrestlers that have been offered deals have hired an attorney to look over their contracts because the feeling is that the contracts are absurd and very one sided.

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