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Neville issues message to professional wrestling fans



Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville has returned to social media. Yesterday we noted that Neville was back on Twitter, and seemed to be using his old "PAC" name. He let the professional wrestling world know he is back on Twitter with a quick post:


It had been quite some time since fans heard from Neville. He left WWE last year citing creative differences with the company. Neville wasn't granted his release from the company for several months, as they didn't want to set a precedent for talents to be able to up and leave to another promotion while under contract.

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Neville remained in the dark until making an appearance at Dragon Gate on October 2nd. Now it looks like fans can expect to be seeing, and hearing, more of Neville moving forward. Just today he Tweeted out the following, suggesting he isn't playing a gimmick, and appears to have some animosity towards fans:

"LET IT BE KNOWN ! I AM NO 'GIMMICK', NOR AN ACT. Just a proper HORRID BASTARD with nothing but CONTEMPT for each and every one of you."