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Nick Aldis explains why he joined Global Force Wrestling

Former TNA World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion Nick Aldis recently took some time to participate in an interview with Aldis spoke about why he joined Global Force Wrestling and what’s next for him. Here are the highlights.

On joining GFW:

Yes, I had an established relationship with Jeff (Jarrett) and with Sonjay (Dutt). It was just one of those things where when it ended it with TNA it was all very amicable. I had very good times with TNA. I hope that they pull through and I hope that things work out for them. I basically made the decision that I wanted to be afforded a little more latitude as somebody that had given a lot of time to the business. But because of my age, it was that seen as that oh, you’re just a wrestler. I’m not saying that I want to be a booker or anything like that it was just talking to Jeff and having an established relationship him and having him give me a lot of trust in India and in other times. I saw an opportunity to help something grow and be a part of it from its near start up.

Basically, what it allowed me to do is as a performer it gives me a chance to work with some new people and to gives me a chance to be a part of something with energy and buzz rather than with something with so much negativity always around it. As a person, I was nearing some opportunities from an entrepreneurial side which I can’t really elaborate on at this point but I’m a business man and I have interests outside of pro wrestling and this is a really nice way for me to explore some of those opportunities too. There are a lot of really exciting things coming up and I know it’s a really cliché thing that people say a lot but there is very imminent stuff on the horizon that I’m involved in on a macro level that will be really exciting for me personally.

On what’s next for him:

I think it’s me looking for opportunity. As corny as this sounds, even as a kid I dreamt of coming to America and I still believe to this day that it is the land of opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities out there. I think perhaps these decisions I’ve made where I’ve just sort of stepped out of the comfort zone and could have given me a real sense of freedom and now it’s on me to look around and see opportunities and network and build relationships and re-establish myself in other areas while still continuing to be the best performer I can be while I continue to learn and grow. You learn every day in this business. I’m 28 and I still have a long way to go.

You can read the entire interview here.

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