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Nick Aldis reveals why Jeff Jarrett made an appearance at ALL IN

Nick Aldis Jeff Jarrett

Nick Aldis took to Twitter to address some of the fans that wondered why WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett walked out to the ring with him at the All In show on Saturday night. Apparently, some people were surprised and a few were bothered by this for some reason. I think it came off as a nice gesture to one of the legends in the wrestling business.

Aldis said the following:

"When we discussed the concept of having teams lead us to the ring for the biggest match of our career, the conversation inevitably turned to whom the team members would be; friends, colleagues, mentors and simply put, people who have been important figures in our respective tapestries. Jeff is without a doubt one of those people to me.

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What you may not know is that I, like several others, had my own falling out with Jeff & Karen a couple of years ago. I could have written them off and enjoyed taking the moment in the spotlight as an F-U to them, and anyone else that has wronged me over the years. But that's bad energy, and I made a choice to focus on good energy in the last year, which absolutely led me to that moment at ALL IN. I should point out that despite their initial hesitation, Cody, Matt and Nick also agreed to accommodate Jeff for this match as a symbolic gesture that we don't dwell on negativity and we don't hang people out to dry forever just because they made a mistake or two. Three thumbs up. Thank you guys.

This was about giving a second chance to the man who gave me my first chance to be a champion. Thank you Jeff."