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Nick Jackson has wicked comeback at UFC Fighter for anti-pro wrestling dig

Scott Finklestein

Scott Finklestein

During ROH Final Battle, The Young Bucks and Hangman Page successfully defended their ROH Six Man Championships against Flip Gordon, Dragon Lee, and Titan. These guys had a very fast paced match as most would expect and during the match, they had a spot where there were a series of dropkicks, one after another ending with all six guys dropkicking into the center of the ring. It was a really cool spot and went over like gangbusters inside the Manhatten Center.

But pro wrestling will always have its critics and UFC fighter Chase Sherman had a little quip about the legitimacy of sports entertainment, but it was while stating the fact that "grown men watch this" in a tongue in cheek fashion.

Nick Jackson saw this and didn't hold back but he didn't really have to say much. Just the fact he's quote tweeted Sherman could mean some fans of The Bullet Club who might not know much about MMA now know who Chase Sherman is. It was quite a comeback, to say the least.

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