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Oriental Wrestling Entertainment hypes September shows for London and Liverpool

China’s OWE promotion issued the following press release:

Sino-British Agreement Signed

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) may not yet be a household name, but they soon will be.  At just 2 years old, this Shanghai based kung-fu wrestling promotion has been making monumental waves throughout the sports-entertainment industry.

Signed as a partner promotion to Tony Khan’s newly established All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), OWE’s tag team The Stronghearts recently appeared on their flagship event Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, reaching a global audience.  Tony Khan also own the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham football club.  In addition, Tony has acquired the rights to air AEW on the UK’s ITV network later this year.

Originally, the plan for for the Stronghearts’ leader Cima to appear alongside two Chinese talents.  Cima and the Stronghearts are from Japan, although now compete for OWE China.  So what went wrong with the original plans?

“There were four of our talented Chinese wrestlers invited to Double or Nothing, but they couldn’t get visas because of the embassy,” OWE vice-president Michael Nee told the South China Morning Post. “We gave them everything we had – invitation letters, documents, we were all prepared but it didn’t happen. We tried twice.”

Mr Nee has continuously pleased to the US  “It was cancelled because of the embassy issue,” Nee said, though. “We need help. We need people to know about this. We want to go in August.  We will prepare the documents. This partnership between OWE and AEW is a great chance for us to show our Chinese culture and kung fu to the world.”

Already airing on the Cardiff based on-demand TV channel, Nothing Else On TV, negotiations began further between OWE China and the channel’s founder, Sean McMahon who also handled the Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling tour in 2018 and 2019.

“We have been working very hard over the past few months to bring the OWE brand to a worldwide audience, using a variety of digital media.  We found common ground and that we were like-minded that we love the wrestling business and the unique style of kung-fu wrestling that China brings.”  Sean McMahon, Nothing Else On TV CEO.  “We then pitched an idea to bring OWE to the United Kingdom so that they can have the platform without the politics.”

On June 26th, OWE United Kingdom was announced, a sister promotion that will feature wrestling talent from China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, US mixed alongside the best from the British scene.  This is a monumental milestone for Sino-British, non-governmental cooperation in sports and entertainment which is about to reach a new level! The new promotion will be headed up by Sean McMahon as SVP and Liverpool promoter, Jay Apter as Head of Creative.  “Sean and myself have a great working relationship, we both share the same vision for the wrestling scene and together with OWE China, we believe we will surprise and excite wrestling fans hear and globally”  Jay Apter.

Last night, the first two UK wrestlers Rob Sharpe from Leicester and Kris Forbes from Scotland arrived in Shanghai to begin touring with the Chinese promotion.  Both of these British stars were scouted by Cardiff based, Sean McMahon who has been actively working as talent relations for the promotion. “We have around 60 talents we have identified to be a part of the new roster here in the UK and we’ll be announcing them daily via OWE United Kingdom’s social media.  In September, OWE United Kingdom will hold two events in London followed by three events in Liverpool.  The initial plans involved an event in Cardiff but venue hire fees are ten-times more expensive.  We are therefore, planning a new Cardiff date at a later stage.”

See Oriental Wrestling Entertainment on 18th & 19th September in London and 20th to 22nd in Liverpool featuring Cima, T-Hawk, Irie, El Lindaman, Shaolin Monk, Scorpion XX, The Gym Nasty Boys, The Kings of the North, The Lucha Bros, Rob Sharpe, OJMO, Lou King Sharp, Achilles Ben and more!  Tickets to the show start are just £20 from and the show will be PG-14.

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