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Paragon Pro Wrestling announces their talent roster

Paragon Pro Wrestling issued the following press release to us:


May 14, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday, June 9th will see Paragon Pro Wrestling return to Sam’s Town Live, located in the Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall at 5111 Boulder Highway in Las Vegas, to tape its national television program.

After a successful debut at Sam’s Town Live in May, Paragon Pro Wrestling has agreed to continue recording in the world-class venue. Tickets for the event are available for purchase immediately by visiting

Fans and media alike had an outstanding time at the May 5 taping. Andrew Kiraly, editor of Desert Companion magazine, said in a review for NPR: “I’ve had a fondness for wrestling since the days when the now-defunct Showboat hotel-casino hosted AWA bouts in the ’80s and wrestlers such as The Clawmaster felled opponents with his signature facehugging move — and the PPW night at Sam’s Town totally sated the resurgent jones.”

Roster Announcements

The Paragon Pro Wrestling roster boasts some of the most competitive pro wrestlers in the sport today. By tapping into upcoming talent, along with established competitors, Paragon Pro Wrestling has developed a unique and exciting roster.

Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion, Jessy Sorenson is a hot, young competitor that defied all of the odds in an effort to achieve his championship dreams. Jessy has competed in top promotions all over the world and is at the top of his game.

Paragon Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions Hammerstone and Chamberlain are two of the most powerful competitors in the sport today. Alex Chamberlain mixes agility and aggression while Hammerstone physically dominates his opponents with his strength and brutality.

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“Big Money” Tyshaun Prince has been paid very well by Fidel Sierra, The Cuban Assassin, to destroy and dominate all who decide to step into the ring with him. A physically overpowering figure, few dare challenge this monster that has competed in both the AFL and the NFL.

The Whirlwind Gentlemen hail from the Neon City! Remy Marcel and Jack Manley make every squared circle gala the occasion to be at. The Gentlemen bring a first-class finesse to the ring that Razzles and Dazzles the masses.

Kevin Kross is a name that is instantaneously associated with hesitation, fear and an impending demolition of an in-ring opponent. Very little is known of his past, but rumors of his association with organized crime, underground bare knuckle fighting and terrorizing major cities are very well known to the public.

Mercurio Jr brings the electrifying excitement of lucha libre to the Paragon Pro Wrestling ring. With a rich family heritage, he fights with pride while astonishing fans.

Joey Ryan says he is "bringing sleazy back to Paragon Pro Wrestling." As an established competitor that has held numerous championships across the globe, Joey brings his unique and effective style to the PPW ring.

Gangrel is one of the most well known wrestlers in the world. The Vampire Warrior has competed at the highest levels all across the globe and is one of the most respected and feared men in Paragon Pro Wrestling.

Caleb Konley was the very first Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion. His well rounded style often leaves his opponents bewildered due to his ability to both fly through the air and command the mat as a ring general. He absolutely carries a chip on his shoulder and is known to voice his opinion wether it is wanted or not.

These wrestlers, and even more, will be at the Paragon Pro Wrestling TV Taping at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas.


Paragon Pro Wrestling, Professional Wrestling's Model of Excellence, tapes television for national distribution and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay up to date on PPW news and events by following them on Twitter, @ParagonPW and Liking them on