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Photo of Joey Ryan working at Disneyland goes viral, company says he is no longer working there

Joey Ryan is no longer working at Disneyland after a photo of him working at the Jungle Cruise attraction went viral on social media.

Ryan, real name Joseph Meehan, worked at the theme park for three months in a probationary status, according to the Los Angeles Times. Disneyland reportedly declined to hire him as a full-time employee.

“Mr. Meehan is no longer employed by us,” a Disneyland spokesperson said in a brief statement. Disneyland did not elaborate on why they did not hire him as a full-time employee.

Disneyland officials say that their background check did not alert them about the sexual misconduct allegations made by wrestlers during the "Speaking Out" movement. Meehan has denied the allegations and we are not aware of any charges brought forward. The Times reports that while Meehan filed libel and slander lawsuits against the women who accused him, the lawsuits were either dismissed or not pursued by Meehan. Meehan's attorney, Joe Utzurrman, said that there is a federal court case pending.

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