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PRESS RELEASE: IndyList - For Fans of Independent Wrestling, For Indy Workers, and Promoters



(March 7th, 2015) – Today is the launch of a brand new online resource for fans of independent wrestling, as well as the workers and promoters that make it happen. IndyList ( is an online review database – think “Yelp” but for indy wrestling – that will allow fans, workers, and promoters alike to connect, discover new promotions, find nearby events, and even buy tickets to upcoming shows all in one place. And the best part? IndyList is FREE to use for fans and industry pros alike.

IndyList was created with one goal in mind: to help fans of independent wrestling discover more wrestling (hence the tagline). There are so many indy wrestling companies across the globe, and our goal at IndyList is to bring them all together. Let wrestling fans find new promotions, new events, new talent, and more entertainment, and that’s what IndyList is all about.

With just a quick registration, fans can:

  • Search and discover indy promotions in their town, city, state, province, or anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the UK.
  • Review promotions they’ve seen, and even contact promotions with questions or feedback.
  • Find upcoming events right in their backyard, and even buy tickets to shows all from the comfort of their home!
  • Network with other fans and industry pros to discover more wrestling!
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Promoters can reach this audience in whole new ways. Beyond the traditional steps of a website, Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube, promotions can also own their own IndyList listing at no cost! This allows them to:

  • Respond to reviews directly as the promotion.
  • Receive feedback, questions, and other comments directly from fans.
  • Purchase event listings for upcoming shows.
  • Have the option to sell tickets to these events with no fees paid to IndyList – cheaper than EventBrite!
  • Share photos, videos, and more of their shows!

Here at IndyList, we just want to make the big, wild world of indy wrestling a little more manageable and a little more networked. That’s our goal and our mission.

Coming next month will also be the launch of IndyList Pro, a site dedicated to industry professionals. We want to help make it safer for indy workers and promoters alike to book work, schedule talent, and appear at events without the risk of a promoter bailing, talent holding them up for more money, or other things that make a difficult job even harder. With IndyList Pro, professionals can network together to create bigger, better, safer shows for fans worldwide!


Steve Perry
Administrator | IndyList

About IndyList: IndyList is an online resource for independent wrestling fans based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 2015, the site network is designed to create an easier way for indy wrestling fans to discover more wrestling and for promotions to find new fans. The sister site, IndyList Pro, is built to allow industry professionals to review one another to allow for safer, more trustworthy events, and for pros to connect with one another.