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Rey Mysterio name can’t be used in the U.S., Russo pitches Chyna to Lucha Underground

– As noted last week, Rey Mysterio is expected to be working for Lucha Underground soon. He’s already booked for the Rey de Reyes show for AAA. Since WWE owns the trademark to the Rey Mysterio name in the United States, it looks like he will be going back to the Rey Misterio name that he used prior to his time in WCW. I believe he may have used that name for a short time in WCW as well. Rey can claim the rights to that name since he can show prior usage.

– The Wrestling Observer noted last week that people within Lucha Underground has said that they would not be hiring Vince Russo. The feeling from some people was that Russo did not have enough knowledge of the product or the Lucha Libre style in general. Russo called Dave Meltzer a liar when Meltzer reported that Russo pitched to them about hiring more women. Well, Konnan went on his podcast and said that Russo did go to him to try to get Chyna into the company. Russo later admitted that he did try to get Chyna booked but said that Konnan is not the guy in charge of things there. Konnan does have a voice in that company and he often can get the ball rolling on talks with people.

Russo told people on twitter that he would be taking a break for a while.


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