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Rey Mysterio to face TNA star Manik for the first time ever - full details

TNA star Manik announced today on his twitter account that he will be facing Rey Mysterio at "The Crash" in Tijuana on March 20 at the Tijuana Auditorium. This would be the first time that both of them have ever been in the same wrestling ring together.

Here is the card for the show:

Rey Mysterio and Extreme Tiger vs. Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Manik
Ángel Metálico, Laredo Kid & Súper Nova vs Zarco, Tony Cassanova & StarBoy
Ricochet vs Willie Mack
Ruby Gardenia & Jonathan vs Ciniko & Black Spider
Black Boy, Mirage & Cardenal Jr. vs Mosco Negro, Black Danger y Búfalo Ayala
Destroyer vs Star Dragon

For our readers in Mexico, if you want to attend the show you can call Taquilla express at 608-4692 for tickets.

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