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Ric Flair's Last Match happened tonight in Nashville. The Nature Boy teamed with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to take on the legendary Jeff Jarrett and AEW star Jay Lethal.

Ahead of this match, Lethal turned on Flair because Flair told Lethal that he is an opening match guy and there was no spot for him on the show. Jarrett felt disrespected by Flair at the press conference for this event and he has said that he felt that Flair has disrespected his family for years. This all led to a brutal and bloody parking lot attack that was shot after the press conference. 

Before the match got started, they showed DDP, Mick Foley, Michelle McCool, and The Undertaker in attendance. 

Jarrett is in fantastic shape. As he made his way to the ring, he yelled at Schiavone and Crocket and he tossed a beer at a fan as Head of Security Doug Dillinger kept Jarrett and the fan apart. Jerry Jarrett was shown looking on as Jarrett shoved Conrad Thompson. Kid Rock was shown watching from the ringside area. Flair came out wearing his iconic white robe and the original big gold belt. Mike Chioda refereed this match and David Penzer did the ring introductions. 

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Flair and Jarrett started the match. Flair slapped Jarrett in the face but before they could lock up, Jarrett tagged out to Lethal. Lethal took Flair down with side headlock takeover but Flair countered with a headscissors. Lethal got frustrated with Flair and so he asked for Andrade to tag in. Jarrett tagged in and hit Andrade with several puches to the face but Andrade hip tossed him twice and then he worked over the arm. Andrade tagged Flair back in but Jarrett didn't want any of that. Jarrett taunted Flair with the Fargo strut and then they finally locked up. Flair then did his strut as fans gave him a loud pop. Flair ducked a puncha and then followed up with chops. Lethal ran in but Flair caught him with a low blow. Jarrett got frustrated and went towards the backstage area but Karen appeared to talk him out of it. Jarrett got back in the ring and Andrade tagged in. Lethal tagged in. Andrade worked over Lethal as Flair choked Lethal in the corner. Flair tagged back in. Chops to Lethal's chest followed by punches in the corner of the ring and more chops. Flair tagged out and it was Lethal vs. Andrade for a few seconds until Jarrett tagged in with stomps to Andrade's chest. Lethal tagged in and he took over on offense on Andrade for the next minute or so. There was an awkward spot between Andrade and Jarrett and Andrade may have had his bell rung so Flair got in the ring without the tag. Flair applied the Figure Four on Lethal but Jarrett broke it up. Jarrett hit Flair in the head with Karen's shoe. Jarrett continued the attack by the barricade at ringside. Meghan Flair got into it with Karen and you could hear Karen say "I'll f**king kill you!" Karen was great here. The next camera shot on Ric showed him bleeding from his head because of the shot he took from the shoe earlier. Flair acted like he was having a heart attack but it was a trick to lure Lethal in and poke him in the eyes. Lethal suplexed Flair as the fans gasped. Andrade made the save before Lethal could pin him. 

Jarrett applied the figure four but Andrade broke it up. Lethal tagged in and continued the assault on Flair. Lethal went for an elbow off the top, Flair moved and Andrade made the hot tag. Andrade took out Lethal and Jarrett. Lethal made the save as Andrade tried to pin Jarrett. Lethal accidentally took out his partner and referee Mike Chioda. Andrade hit Lethal with a Poisonrana but there was no referee to make the count. Flair tagged in and he draped his arm over Lethal but still no referee. Jarrett swung the guitar but Andrade pulled Flair out of the way and Lethal took it on the head. Andrade took out Flair. Conrad threw brass knuckles to Andrade for him to give to Flair. Flair nailed Jarrett with the kucks, Dave Miller ran in as the replacement ref to make the count and the winners are Flair and Andrade. Flair looked like he ran a marathon.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Ric after the match. Ric put over Nashville as one of the greatest wrestling towns. He talked about his family. Flair said Kid Rock talked to him in the locker room. He said this was his last match and he thanked the fans for coming and he hopes that he didn't let everyone down and he doesn't remember half of the match. You could see Foley, Taker, Bret Hart and others watching in the background.

The wrestlers who were on the card came out to surround Ric as his music played. The final scene was Ric holding the big gold belt and then hugging Lethal on the stage.

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