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Ahead of what is being billed as his last match, Ric Flair appeared on TMZ to promote tonight's event in Nashville and he talked about some of his recent health setbacks.

Flair said he thought he had pneumonia and then he thought he got COVID and then he got plantar fasciitis on his foot which he described as "brutal."Flair said that everything is now "A-OK" and he is good to go for tonight's show. Flair also stated that he never thought about postponing tonight's show.

When asked about the emotion going into the match, Flair said that his family will be there. He doesn't know if his daughter Charlotte will be by the ring but she'll be in the area. Flair said he doesn't plan on just strutting around the ring and he wants to give the fans a lot more than that and he wants fans to wonder on Monday how he pulled off what he plans on doing tonight. Flair then joked about taking a lot of pressure off himself by blading in the match.

In regards to what doctors say about his decision to step in the ring, Flair said that "I haven't asked anyone since I started training. No one has told me no. Outside of being treated for the plantar [fasciitis], I haven't been back to the heart doctor. I feel great." Flair added, "At my age with a pacemaker, you're supposed to never take your heart rate over 50 points above your age so I should never take it over 130. Yesterday riding a bike I got it to 193 so, if there's something plugged up it hasn't backed on me yet. I've had it up to 203. I've been doing 500 free squats like I used to."

Flair continued, "I guarantee you that I'll be drinking every night. I don't do good when I don't drink at night. I'm like Lawrence Taylor."

Ric Flair's Last Match airs tonight on FITE TV and traditional pay-per-view. Click here for news on the entire card.

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