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Ric Flair says his broken relationship with Sid Vicious led to the infamous scissors incident with Arn Anderson



On this week's "WOOOOO Nation Uncensored" Ric Flair discussed winning the Royal Rumble and his thoughts on his relationship with Sid Vicious.

Flair on whether the line he said after winning the 1992 Royal Rumble stating the "WWF title was the only title that meant anything" was scripted or not, and if this was the biggest moment in his career:

“I guess my intent in saying that was that if you’re with the biggest company, the most successful people, the best crew in the world, then that’s the biggest moment," Flair said.

"The reality of it is that my biggest moments are the Starrcade with Harley (Race) or the WrestleMania where Shawn (Michaels) and The Royal Rumble."

"I mean I’ve had so many what you would call iconic moments, but certainly those three have to be considered some of my biggest.”

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Ric Flair then went on to talk about his relationship with Sid Vicious, stating that Vicious did not like him:

“He thought I was too old to be in the business. At that time, I think the whole incident in Europe (Sid-Arn Anderson scissor fight) stemmed from the fact Sid said something."

"I was sleeping. Sid said something and Arn said, ‘Fu*k off. You’re talking about my friend’, and it went from there."

"I didn’t see it. People woke me up. The incident went down. It was a horrible situation, but I think the reason it happened was because Arn stood up for me.”

The rest of the episode does a deep dive on the 1992 Royal Rumble in which Flair discusses the wrestlers involved, the booking, the match itself, and everything leading up to his WWF debut and departure from WCW.

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