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Ricochet comes down on Impact about Bound For Glory booking decision

Sunday night’s Bound For Glory event was an impressive display of pro wrestling ability and storytelling. One match that caught a lot of people’s attention was the contest between Sienna and Gail Kim. It was said this would be Gail Kim’s last match and she still came down with the Knockouts Title in the end.

Kim willing this title was a great accomplishment and was the cherry on top of her amazing career, but some people thought it might have been a tad short-sighted to place the title on Gail Kim if this was indeed her last match. After all, the general pro wrestling tradition is to go out “looking at the lights.”

Of course, this could all be a work and there is an actual final run planned for Kim. But in the meantime, Ricochet doesn’t seem to approve of this booking decision very much. He thinks the win should have been given to someone younger who could run with the ball. Ricochet should know a thing or two about the top level of the up-and-coming female indie wrestling scene too as he is currently dating Tessa Blanchard who should be on everyone’s radar as someone to watch for years to come.

Of course, there were a few people who disagreed with King Ricochet which gave him a very good idea what it is like to be someone that many people like to chastise for having an opinion.

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