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Ricochet confirms he’s not under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling

Ricochet is one of the top indie talents all over the world and he’s also dating Tessa Blanchard, so that’s impressive as well. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported WWE is interested in bringing in the 29-year-old pro wrestling dynamo. Since Lucha Underground might not be seeing much more time in The Temple there are plenty of rumors saying Ricochet could wind up in WWE territory soon enough.

Now there is a new interesting piece of information to add into the mix because even though Ricochet astounded fans in New Japan Pro Wrestling, apparently he was never bound there to any real degree.

All of this started when one fan asked Dave Meltzer if he thought Rusev would do well in Japan. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer’s answer was simply “yes.” Then he was questioned how well Neville would do. Meltzer’s reply stated Neville might not be able to main event in New Japan Pro Wrestling as a singles competitor, but he would thrive in the Junior Heavyweight Division.

Then things got interesting when wrestling play-by-play commentator Rob Naylor put in his two cents. He said he thought Neville could be positioned as a top guy in NJPW and use Kenny Omega as his blueprint. Then Ricochet replied to express his feeling how a top Junior Heavyweight Division star in New Japan’s ascent to the top isn’t always a guarentee.

Ricochet replied once more and revealed something very interesting. Apparently, King Ricochet never signed a contract with New Japan which might have played a key role in why he wasn’t pushed to the top of the card. Although he enjoyed his time in NJPW, Ricochet said he never signed on the dotted line.

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