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Road Dogg said he knows Vince McMahon never saw any of the TNA skits of the Voodoo Kin Mafia

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

On this week's "Oh You Didn't Know..." Road Dogg opened up about his run with Billy Gunn in TNA as the team of "VKM."

Road Dogg, after being a part of 3 Live Crew, said he did have concerns about teaming again with Billy Gunn in TNA to from VKM:

"I had major concerns about us getting back together because it had been done. While it had been done and been done really well, if I can sound braggadocios, it had been done well, but it had been done. So we can't be the New Age Outlaws. We can't be what we once were. So it was very difficult," he said.

"So I had a lot of concerns, but I was also getting paid. I was getting a weekly paycheck, doing all right, and paying my bills. That's all I was trying to do at this point. Keep up my wrestling for my drug habit and pay the house notes."

VKM trashed the WWE and DX in interviews while in TNA. Road Dogg said it was due to his addictions:

"I had hard feelings against WWE. It was all of my own volition and I never realized that until post WWE career and sobriety kicked in that I realized and I look back and we're like, 'Oh, God, what was I doing?'"

“But we were angry. Billy was angry. I was angry. Of course, we were both in active addiction as well. I don't think Billy minds me telling you that because we've both been sober for over 11 years now. So we're doing well. But look, we were both not good personally. We were doing what we could do professionally. Vince (Russo) came in with an idea that we could sink our drug addled teeth into and we were making a pay day. We weren't getting rich but we were getting paid," he continued.

Road Dogg was asked why he was angry at WWE:

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"It would be sexier if I told you they did this to me and they did that to me. What they did for me was they provided a great living for my family. They always took care of me at every stop, at every problem, around every corner. I was a drama king because I was on drugs and they took care of me a great deal. Then I became a liability and so they were like, 'Okay, I gotta let you go.'"

"They did nothing wrong to me. This was all of my own doing. This was me and my addiction, and my lack of coping skills, and I didn't know how to live life. I'd gone through life like a hurricane with horns. I was destructive and destroying every relationship, both personal and professional I had at this period of time. Yes, there were some good times in wrestling in between there, but this was a bad time for me."

On them going back to WWE:

"There was a strange conversation between Hunter and I that took place. Vince never said a word and Shawn never said a word. But Hunter and I had a conversation in Baltimore. I remember it because I was very uncomfortable during it."

"But I told him, 'Hey, man, I was an act of addiction and I needed to pay the bills, so I would have said that stuff about my mama if they had told me to. I didn't mean none of it. I'm not gonna fight you now.'"

"It was weird, but it kind of needed to take place. I'm glad he brought it up. He was the only one that ever brought anything like that up. Yeah, we did all that and then went back. He's (Vince McMahon) a smart businessman. People can think what they want to, but he's a smart businessman. If you still can make me money or you could help my company make more money, yeah, I'll take you back."

Road Dogg said he knows Vince McMahon never saw any of the TNA skits of VKM:

"Truth be told, I guarantee Vince never saw a bit of it. I know that. I didn't ask him that. I wasn't about to because he didn't bring it up so I wasn't going to either, but I guarantee you he never saw one piece of that, and rightfully so. Why would he bother himself with that?"

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