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On this week's "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Road Dogg discussed The Gunn Clubb, the "Ass Boys" chants, getting clean and sober, and making amends with people.

Road Dogg talking about The Gunn Club:

“I do see some of (myself) in them, and that is kind of weird of me to say and weird for me to feel that way," he said.

"I see Austin (as myself) but the difference is that he can work too. I wasn’t a very good athlete. I was just entertaining I guess. But both of his kids are great athletes. It’s just that Austin is out there a bit more. Colten just kind of brings home the bacon. He does what he has to do. I see some similar things in what they do, and I’ve actually talked a couple of times with them about coming up with something. It can’t be like what we did, but coming up with some sing-songy thing.”

On the Ass Boys chant the Gunn Club hears from the AEW crowd:

“I think they actually like it because it is something people can get behind. But to their credit, they sell it because that’s what they’re supposed to do. If they didn’t do that, I don’t think the crowd would chant it.”

On getting clean and sober:

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“I didn’t have a job at the time. I was riding back with my brother from an independent show in upper Alabama. We drove up and drove back. I had a bunch of pills because I’m still the Road Dogg at the indie show, still a big deal. So they gave me all the pills and wanted to share them with me, and I got hammered,” he said.

“On the ride back, I was really down on myself and life and messed up. My brother Scott just got clean at rehab and they (WWE) paid for it. He said, ‘You can call Ann Russo’, who was in charge of the wellness policy at the time.”

“I called that day. I don’t know if I was ready to quit doing drugs and alcohol, just to do something. I called her and she set me right up, but by the 28th day, I didn’t know how to stop living that way. I didn’t know how to get off of the roller coaster. I didn’t care for a while. I didn’t care which handful of pills killed me. My only problem in my mind was that my kids would find me dead. That is what kept me from doing it and when Scotty told me to go to rehab. Thank God I did. I only went for 28 days. If you’re ready to quit living like that, you’ll take suggestions and quit living like that.”

Road Dogg talking about mending fences with people who tried to help him:

“In the program of recovery I follow, there are some making amends to it. I had to make that list. Jim Ross was one. The Rock was one. The Undertaker was one. These are guys that tried to help me.”

“Rock didn’t try to help me, but I was mean to him because I was jealous of him and he was a threat to me because he could do everything that I could do, but he looked friggin' great too. At that time, it bothered me because he was a threat to me, so I treated him horribly in front of everybody all the time. I went to him and he said, ‘Thank you. That’s nice to say.’ I don’t know if he forgives me. That’s none of my business. But I had to do it to clean up my side of the street.”

“Jim Ross, I treated him badly too because he dealt with all the contract side of stuff.”

“The Undertaker, he tried to help me but I went, ‘You ain’t my daddy. You don’t know anything about me.’ It was just where I was at the time, and I don’t have to be there anymore.”