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Rumored start date for Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion; rumored top star for the promotion

Please keep in mind that the following information is just locker room talk since nothing will be announced until April 7th. Even friends of Jeff Jarrett have not been told much, if anything. The belief is that the new Jeff Jarrett promotion will start in January on CMT. Dave Meltzer was told that that more than one network is being talked with so nothing is definite. Spike TV is not in the picture on these talks.

The rumors going around in TNA are that Kurt Angle would be the top star of the promotion. Despite what some might believe, Kurt Angle is on good terms with Jeff and Karen Jarrett. Also, Kurt Angle’s contract expires this fall. Perhaps TNA would try to keep Angle and pay him at his current rate but considering that they’ve let go of so much talent because of cost cutting that is uncertain. Also, there is alot of bad blood between Kurt Angle and WWE from eight years ago but who knows if things can be mended since WWE has brought back alot of names that they were on bad terms with but Kurt would be 46 years old if WWE wanted to bring him back.

Also, the idea behind the promotion would be to introduce alot of new faces to the US scene. Jarrett has been scouting talent. There is also talk that the promotion would open with a reality show centered around Jeff and Karen Jarrett to help build to the launch of the new promotion.

Information from the Wrestling Observer newsletter was used in this report. Please visit for subscription information.

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