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Sam Houston talks about his brother Jake Roberts Hall of Fame induction and much more

by VOC Nation

Former WWE star Sam Houston joined Who's Slamming Who podcast with Tommy Fierro and discussed his Hall of Fame brother Jake "The Snake" Roberts and up-and-coming daughter Samantha Starr, plans to resume his own in-ring career, classic ribs backstage, and Dusty Rhodes and Iron Sheik impressions.

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Here is what the brother of 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee Jake "the Snake" Roberts had to say:

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On Jake Roberts' WWE Hall of Fame Induction:
It was earned. I'm so happy that my brother finally got it. It's something that should have happened, probably, a long time ago. But I can understand both sides of the story but it should have happened a long time ago. When I was in [the] WWF, he was like the #3 guy there on top. It was Hogan, Savage, and Jake. He's my brother, and yes I may be biased, but the guy is phenomenal. He has a mind like no other for this wrestling business. No matter what any problems [he had] - this, that, or the other - that you might travel through on your journey, you still need your props. You still deserve your respect.

On His Own Highs and Lows:
One night I came back from the ring and Paul Ellering was sitting there. He was watching my match through the curtain. I come up the steps and he goes, "Sam, do you know why I love watching your matches?" And I said, "No." And he said, "Because you go that one step further." I lost that somewhere along the way ... I don't know if I got lost in my addiction after I got injured. I lost that somewhere along the way and I became complacent. I became comfortable with just doing enough to get by. It took those years of incarceration that I spent to get that back in myself.

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