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Shazza McKenzie shares her #MeToo story of physical abuse by a wrestling veteran

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Shazza McKenzie shares her #MeToo story of physical abuse by a wrestling veteran

Australian-based independent wrestler Shazza McKenzie took to Twitter on Monday to share her #MeToo story.

McKenzie gave details of her encounter with now-deceased wrestler Mario Milano. Milano primarily wrestled from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and stuck around the business until his death in 2016. She wrote, “he will only be remembered as a veteran who took advantage of his status to physically abuse me.” McKenzie has told her story before but she spoke up this weekend after learning about the AWE Mario Milano Contenders Cup Tournament that took place on 6/8.

McKenzie said she introduced herself to Milano in 2010, her second year of wrestling, and he suggested that he put her in his signature abdominal stretch. That is when, according to McKenzie, he groped her in front of the locker room. She said, “At the time, I was 22 years of age, fresh in the business and was told to keep my story private because he was a wrestling veteran.”

She said that the wrestlers who saw what happened laughed off what was a sexual assault as just a playful rib. McKenzie noted that she has shared this story before and she is not talking about publicly for any gain.

I would recommend for everyone to read McKenzie’s entire story and message below. Hopefully, posts like the one from McKenzie will encourage more women to speak out as the wrestling business continues to stomp out people who engage in this type of behavior.


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