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Shlak issues statement: “I don’t support any group or gang, nor am I a homophobe or racist”

Shlak has sent in a statement to us at after we posted a story last week regarding photos that surfaced online. The photos led to him being pulled from WWNLive’s Style Battle promotion.

The full statement (edited for language) is below:

I’m going to address these allegations that have risen because people are following other peoples narrative that they read, instead of actual facts. I have spoke out on this matter before – – I’m not here to make excuses just here to clarify information that keeps getting skewed. First off we never played a benefit show, the guy just said we were and assumed we would because the band knew him. Ive seen everything from “he’s got white power tattoos”, which if you look at me, you won’t find one. All the way to “he never denounced the situation”. Sorry but I will not forcibly admit to something that isn’t true, but I will gladly denounce any of that garbage if you ask me. I hate politics. Fuck Nazi Shit and fuck antifa as well. I don’t support any group or gang, nor am I a homophobe or racist, and I don’t subscribe to any ideology that narrows who I can associate with. All this from a stupid photo I took 15 years ago mocking a random old guy next to me that looked like hitler. I take full responsibility and own up to the foolish decision. My action was inconsiderate to that tragedy that occurred. As for the people in the photos…. I’m a 20 year tattooer and I used know some of these guys, that’s what the music and tattoo shop scene was like in the area I grew up in, it was a different time. I haven’t seen them in years for the most part and I have moved on from that area and I want no parts of it. I know all different types of people, if you ask anyone that knows me personally they will vouch for my character. I am a grown man and will not say sorry for knowing a person. Yet I will apologize to anyone that has been offended by my action, and admit that I have made some dumb choices in my life. This has been in the past for quite some time now and no malice was ever intended just poor humor.



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