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Tessa Blanchard has been out of the spotlight since the COVID-19 pandemic when she was the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. She was later stripped of the title and departed from the promotion.

After Blanchard was reportedly at odds with WOW Women Of Wrestling, the belief is she is gone from the promotion as she's not figured into WOW's plans. She was not featured in the premiere trailer for the show either.

Blanchard's negative reputation has followed her throughout her career. She has denied accusations of being a racist and bullying other female wrestlers.

While speaking to Bill Apter for Sportskeeda, Blanchard was asked what she's been up to lately. She revealed that she is currently attending the University of Texas, San Antonio.

"I kind of do that on purpose. I like to keep some things for me, some things for my family. Right now, I'm in school….that's my main focus right now. I try to do one or two of the wrestling get-togethers or matches a month. Honestly, not too much more than that at the moment."

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Blanchard was asked about taking independent dates and noted that she is taking dates that she wants as her main focus is to stay happy.

"Yeah, doing whatever makes me feel happy. That's really my main focus right now, my happiness. I don't want to compromise my happiness for anything. Not for money, not for popularity, not for followers, not for any of that."

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

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