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Update on a second season for Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio update

The latest on the second season renewal for Lucha Underground is that everything is on a holding pattern as of now. People in the company are hopeful but nobody has guaranteed that the show will be renewed for another season.

They are working on a deal with Television. Part of the deal would include partial ownership for Televisa. That is good for Lucha Underground since it keeps the company going if they get the product over in Mexico. There is another television deal being worked on. The presumption is that it's with Univision which would be huge for them. That has not been confirmed though.

The hope is that they can get the second season tapings in August but that is being described as iffy. The talks with Rey Mysterio continue but the word is that the offer being made to him is lower than what was offered a year ago when he was still with WWE. In the end, WWE got what they wanted because they wanted Rey to have a long period off TV after his departure from WWE TV.

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