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TNA threatens to fire a wrestler that was booked for Global Force Wrestling

TNA is apparently concerned with Global Force Wrestling. At first, the talent was told that it was okay for them to work on Global Force Wrestling house shows but, as noted yesterday, Tyrus has been pulled from GFW shows. Tyrus was going to work as George Murdoch for GFW. The reason why TNA has been allowing talents to work on shows for independent companies is because TNA has not been running house shows. They are not allowed to work TV tapings for another company although they are allowing talent to work on iPPV independent shows.

TNA’s reason for pulling him is that their contracts say that their talents cannot work for a promotion that has television. Again, Murdoch was only booked for GFW house shows. It’s clear that TNA pulled him because it’s Jeff Jarrett’s promotion. It’s the same reason why they didn’t want Mike Tenay working on the Wrestle Kingdom 9 show in January. It was also noted that TNA had been aware for eight weeks that Murdoch was working the GFW house shows and no television. Then TNA told him that if he did his advertised dates for GFW then they would fire him. Karen Jarrett, after word got back to GFW, sent out a tweet on Tuesday (see below).

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