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Tokyo police to file charges against man accused of cyberbullying Hana Kimura

Hana Kimura passed away at the age of 22 back in May. At the time of her death, it was reported that she left a handwritten note for her family and friends.

Leading up to her death, the Stardom star had been bullied online after an episode of a Netflix reality show, “Terrace House,” aired.

She lost her temper with one of her castmates as she was portrayed as a villain in the episode and got harassed by fans. As a result, she was dealing with severe depression.

Asahi Digital reports the Tokyo metropolitan police department will be filing charades against an Osaka man as he allegedly sent negative messages to the wrestler before her death via Twitter.

Per the report, there were messages that stated “is there any value to your life?” as well as “when are you going to die?”

It should be noted that the accused man has since apologized to her family via email.

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