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Tommy Dreamer on Austin Aries making his House of Hardcore return, Bully Ray's retirement, Twitch, more



Thanks to The Wrestling Estate for the following:

Tommy Dreamer spoke with The Wrestling Estate ahead of this Saturday's House of Hardcore show in Philly, the first of his shows to be streamed live (for free) on Twitch. Here are some excerpts:

On his new Twitch show changing wrestling TV like ECW did:

Dreamer: “Yeah, but we did have time constraints and you have to hit your commercial time spots. I can plug in my own commercials and do whatever I like. It’s really exciting. If we hit and we hit how I’m hoping we hit, this will change the landscape of professional wrestling. It will change my life and wrestling fans’ lives. I’ve banked everything on this. These shows, as always, are loaded with surprises. The 18th will have a lot of surprises, and then moving forward, I’m actually designing a title. We’re going to start garnering for the first Twitch Television Champion, which will start toward my next show at the Arena and then culminate during WrestleMania weekend.

Fans can now follow along so I don’t get into a situation where guys leave. When the Hardyz signed with WWE, you know, technically they didn’t have to appear, but thankfully, WWE allowed them to appear. Now I’m signing guys to contracts where I’m running shows here, here and here. I’ve already given them dates, and if WWE signs them tomorrow, they’ll be obligated to fulfill those dates. Storylines won’t be affected and that’s really, really important for me, as well as for the fans.

If you’re watching The Walking Dead and Negan gets a show on CBS, and they’re like you can’t be on that show anymore, think how disappointed the fans would be. Now I have the opportunity so that never, ever happens.”

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Can we talk about Austin Aries making his return to House of Hardcore?

Dreamer: “Absolutely. The beauty of this business is the more people that leave, means the more people that get to come back. His departure from WWE was kind of a shock to everybody. He hasn’t really done anything since then. I’m going to hand him a live microphone and he has a lot to get off his chest live on Twitch. I don’t know what the hell he’s going to say. I’m probably going to have to put a public disclaimer (laughs) because they reflect him and only him. I’m giving him that forum. I remember when Steve Austin left WCW and was fired and was pissed off. He wanted to express that and Paul said good, here’s a microphone, tell me about it.”

Let’s talk about your best friend Bully Ray. Did he break the news to you about his retirement before everybody else?

Dreamer: “Yeah, it’s another reason why he wasn’t booked on the shows. I see Bubba at least once a week because we’re both trainers at Team 3D Academy up in Connecticut. He hasn’t been right in his head for a while. I kind of feel responsible because I’ve given him a lot of those concussions as well as scars on his head.

 I would be a hypocrite to tell people not to do things because of what I’ve done and what I continue to do to myself. But as a guy who owns a company and cares about the wellbeing of my wrestlers, I’m going to take the stance that WWE started. There will be no chairshots to the head in my company. If we can learn anything from science and the NFL, it’s probably the one really, really good thing they’ve done with monitoring guys when they’ve had their bell rung. I’m good friends with Chris Nowinski and he’s trying to make the athletes’ workplace better.

The older you get, it seems to be that concussions and their side effects are having a lasting effect. Bubba will be an asset to me in the back and I’m okay with that.”

The full interview is here: