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Tommy Dreamer on House of Hardcore IX, what to expect from his shows & more

Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with the Toronto Sun to promote his upcoming House of Hardcore IX event in Toronto this July. Here are the highlights.

Dreamer on bringing HOH to Toronto: “I did a poll on Twitter in which I asked fans where they would like to see my next show, and Canada, specifically Toronto, was overwhelmingly No. 1. With me not having television exposure, for the fans to want the product up there, that is almost surreal to me. I look forward to bringing my view/perspective of professional wrestling to some of the most rabid, passionate wrestling fans in the world.”

Dreamer on what to expect from a HOH show: “Expect the unexpected. I’ve always kind of had to outdo myself. If you’re a wrestling fan and you’ve watched my shows, you know what to expect. And if you haven’t seen any of my shows, now you’re going to be able to. My wheels have already been spinning.”



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