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Tortuga Rafy gives his side of the story on fight with Alberto Del Rio

As noted earlier this week, there was backstage fight at the Arena Naucalpan show in Mexico on Sunday between Alberto Del Rio and Al Extreme (aka Tortunga Rafy). Alberto Del Rio’s side of the story is that Rafy inappropriately touched Paige. Del Rio and Paige were there to watch Del Rio’s brother El Hijo de Dos Caras wrestle.

+LuchaTV had a chance to talk with Rafy about what happened with Del Rio. He said that he was going down the stairs and he saw Paige and he simply said “please pass beautiful” and he never touched her. He said that Alberto then asked him why he was calling her “beautiful” and said it was disrespectful to him. Rafy says that he told Alberto that he did not mean any disrespect. Alberto then pulled of Rafy’s mask and then he ran over to the locker room area to cover his face and the fight started.

Rafy said that Alberto apologized after the fight and Rafy apologized for calling Paige “beautiful.” He reiterated that he never touched Paige and she knows that as well. He also wanted to clear up that he was not almost killed, as the first reports from Mexico indicated.

He downplayed the Facebook post by Oficial AK-47 where he threatened legal action and said that it was just a fight between two wrestlers and there is nothing else that should be done. He feels that Oficial AK-47 was just sticking up for him as a friend. Rafy, who is smaller than Alberto, got bruised up and he admits to losing the fight but that’s how things go. He says that he has not talked to Alberto since the fight but they both apologized to each other and they shook hands in the locker room.

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