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Update on talks between Jim Ross’ reps and Jeff Jarrett for the January 4th show

A few days ago we noted that Jim Ross said in his blog that he hasn’t had talks with Jeff Jarrett in regards to announcing for the New Japan show on January 4th. That’s the show that would be branded under the Global Force Wrestling name. That is true but Ross does all of his negotiations through his agent Barry Bloom and Jarrett and Bloom have been in talks. Jarrett is scheduled to be on Ross’ podcast in December to review the TLC pay-per-view.

Right now it will be a question of the show budget. No one knows how many buys the show will do in the United States. The U.S. side is responsible for costs associated with the U.S. broadcast, if they can reach an agreement. They have not made an official announcement for the show yet because the deal for the Dome has not been signed yet but it is expected to happen. Ross talked about being in Las Vegas on the day of the show since it’s his birthday. Also, the University of Oklahoma lost twice so that means they won’t be playing on that day so that increases the odds for Ross to do the show. Ross had previously said that he would not miss the Oklahooma football game if it took place on that day.

Now, with word of Ross in talks hitting the Japanese newspapers, that’s probably something Vince McMahon would not want and New Japan would likely not pay him “TNA Hulk Hogan” or “TNA Sting” money. Vince might also look at New Japan as a non-threat. But remember, when Ross was let go last year, he was under a very long non-compete and was essentially paid to sit at home so he could not sign with another wrestling company. Another name that could fill in the announcing slot is Scott D’Amore who is close with Jeff and has been with him on trips to Japan.

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