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VIDEO: MAJOR star appears at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore VII show tonight

Christian York defeated Brian Myers (the former Curt Hawkins in WWE) at the House of Hardcore VII event in Philadelphia at the former ECW Arena. After the match Myers complained that he lost because of a fast count. Then he ripped on the crowd with a heel promo and then sat in the corner and said he wouldn’t leave unless someome makes him leave.

Ricardo Rodriguez then came out and and did his old introduction and introduced Alberto…..he paused and the crowd said “Del Rio.”

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio came out wearing street clothes and said “I f*cking missed you guys.” He told the crowd that just a few weeks ago he thought he wouldn’t be able to wrestle in the United States for a year. He said that he’s here to have fun and said he’s excited to be in the “ECW Arena” for the first time. There were loud “ECW” chants and “F*ck McMahon” chants. Del Rio then said that in House of Hardcore “we aren’t sports entertainers, we are f*cking wrestlers.”

Afterwards, Myers went to attack Del Rio but he moved and Ricardo hit Myers with a low blow. Then Del Rio locked in his croww armbreaker and made Myers tap. The crowd was really hot for this. The iPPV will be available tomorrow at

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