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Vince Russo denies talks with Lucha Underground, calls Dave Meltzer an "absolute liar"

Vince Russo ripped the recent report from the Wrestling Observer newsletter regarding talks between Russo and Lucha Underground. Russo said the following on his website:

"Recently Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer that I am in talks with Lucha Underground's Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen regarding me joining his company. THIS IS A BOLD-FACE LIE. The fact is, I had never even heard of Eric Van Wagenen until Jeff Lane, the editor of this site, smarted me up to Dave Meltzer's factitious story this morning.

Bottom line—either Dave Meltzer is an absolute liar, just looking to stir up his readers by attempting to marry my name with Lucha, so the haters can come out and take their free cheap shots at me, or, one of Meltzer’s “reliable sources” is lying to him. Either way, I’ve had just about enough of the false stories as they pertain to me. Meltzer never made one, single effort to contact me about the story. Without even attempting to check his facts, he just went with a story for the sake of going with it."

He also called Meltzer a man with no integrity and said that he is waiting on a retraction to the story. For those that don't know what Meltzer reported, here are the bullet points:

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  • Russo and Lucha Underground are in talks and he is expected to be in Los Angeles this week for a meeting with them
  • Publicly, the story is that he is going there to interview talent for his podcast. Ring announcer Melissa Santos is one of the people he will be talking with.
  • Eric Van Wagenen has pushed the idea of getting Russo in (Van Wagenen has denied this).

With all due respect to Russo, Meltzer does have a track record of getting things right almost all of the time. He was the guy that first broke the news about TNA being let go by Spike TV (even though TNA and Spike would deny it publicly) and he had all of the details about Russo's involvement with TNA during the time when TNA and Russo were denying that Russo was working for the company.

UPDATED 8:30PM EST: Russo will be in Los Angeles this coming weekend according to his twitter page.