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Vince Russo headed to Lucha Underground?

Vince Russo and Lucha Underground are in talks and he is expected to be in Los Angeles this coming week for a meeting. Publicly the story is that he is just going there to do interviews for his podcast. He does have an interview with Melissa Santos, the ring announcer. However, Eric Van Wagenen has been pushing to get Russo into the company. Some have questioned this because Russo has no background or knowledge of Mexican wrestling.

This may be a coincidence but some people compared the writing of this past weekend's Lucha Underground tapings to Vince Russo style of writing. The one match that stuck out was the mask vs. mask match that was taped on 2/7. The match was made with no buildup. The story on the show was that Dario Cueto orders Sexy Star and Super Fly, who are friends on the show, to wrestle each other and the loser must unmask.

There were people unhappy with this because mask vs. mask matches are a big deal in Mexico and the show airs on Unimas. The Unimas airing gets a much larger audience than the El Rey Network airing. So the match was done with no buildup, no meaning behind it, and in the end Super Fly was unmasked after losing to a woman so it pretty much kills him and there was no post-match deal to at least attempt to make his unmasking a big deal. In the end it just came off like a TNA angle where something that should be a big deal happens but then they just cut to commercial or cut to a backstage segment.

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