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Vince Russo says wrestling “marks” and “dirt sheet” writers are homosexual

Vince Russo is not a fan of hardcore wrestling fans and wrestling reporters (“marks” as he calls them) and he let his listeners know on his latest podcast. He ripped on “marks” that have podcasts or “dirt sheets.” He claimed that he would castrate “these morons.” He said, “none of these people have ever spent a day in the wrestling business.” He went on to rip people like Dave Meltzer, Ryan Satin, Mike Johnson and Wade Keller.

Russo invited listeners to look up photos of Meltzer, Scherer and Johnson and said that they “look like losers.” He went on and talked about their “reactions to other men.” He talked about the fan reaction to Roman Reigns on last week’s Raw. He later added, “I’m not whacking myself off when Buster Posey steps up to the plate.” He added, “It’s not a normal reaction for men to react to other men in that way. I have come to the conclusion [that] if you are of the NXT crowd [or] the “this is awesome” crowd [or] the Full Sail crowd [or] the people that were in Orlando…you fall in three categories…you are either A. homosexual – you either like men. For you to react to wrestlers this way, you either A. like men, B. you either are not homosexual but have homosexual tendencies or C. you’re either in the closet. It’s that simple because men do not react to other men that way.” I’m not sure what being heterosexual or homosexual has to do with being a passionate wrestling fan or wrestling news reporter.

He went on to say that “these marks” (he included “dirt sheet” writers as “marks”) are attracted to other men. Immediately after that rant, he did a plug for True Car. Something tells me that his sponsors (True Car and Casper mattress) will not be happy about this rant. I highly doubt that Podcast One would condone the things said on Russo’s podcast.

I don’t think Russo realizes that a large percentage of the people in the wrestling business talk to people like Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin so there is substance behind what they report on.

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