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Vince Russo talks being a ‘polarising’ figure in pro wrestling

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The controversial character discussed a number of topics regarding recent Brawl For All episode of Dark Side of The Ring. The Brawl For All concept was essentially created by Russo, and was critically reviled by fans and critics alike. During the podcast, co-host Bully Ray would ask Russo why he feels he is a ‘polarising’ character in the pro wrestling landscape and how he came across on Dark Side of The Ring.

Disclaimer: All ‘bros’ left in for posterity

Russo on Bully Ray

“You know, you talked about polarising” Russo began. “And this is what I find. Listen man you [Bully Ray] and I come from the same neck of the woods. And, you know, growing up when I was in the business? And when I worked with you? You know, bro. Listen, I think you would be the first one to say, bro, a lot of people loved you, and a lot of people didn’t like you [Bully Ray]. And I always loved you, and I knew the didn’t like part bro, came from, ‘Bubba this guy is as honest as you can get.’ This guy, bro, there’s no agenda, there’s no politics, there’s no shit behind your back. This guy is going to tell you how it is.”

Politicans, Con Men and Carnys

Russo would elaborate further, saying “I think that goes for a lot of us East Coast guys bro. I really believe it does. And listen man in wrestling? Well, you’re working with a lot of con men, you’re working with a lot of politicians, you’re working with a lot of carny guys. And, bro, they don’t like the truth. I think there are a lot of people in wrestling, that can’t deal with the truth. And I don’t know how I came across Bubba, but I do know this, and I hope this is what people took away [from Dark Side of The Ring]. Bro I told the truth. And I always tell the truth. My frustration always comes when people don’t want to believe the truth. When their mind is made up, and whether it’s an agenda, whether it’s they want to get their story across? Whatever it is, my frustration is when I sit there, I give you facts. I tell you the truth. This is what happens. And you’re not listening because you’ve already got your mind made up.”

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